Nate Ritter

Nate Ritter

Cell: 619-456-3919

I am an experienced entrepreneur and technical consultant with a highly empathetic understanding of the customer. I'm a stickler for high quality, expediency, and proof with metrics and data. From San Diego, CA to Paris, France, I've thoroughly enjoyed working on business strategies, marketing goals, product development, and influencing and optimizing company operations.


Product Development

Researching customer pain points, analyzing findings, planning and prioritizing features to reach customer value as fast as possible

Business Strategy

Developing an understanding of the customer needs and positioning companies to create value for that customer profitably

Technical Architecture

Ability to understand technical feasibility and collaborate on solutions with an efficient use of modern technical architecture, systems, and development operations


Perfect Space Co-Founder & CEO | San Diego, CA | 1996-Present

  • Co-founded this service company to $1M+ in revenue per year
  • Onboarded teams of service providers and engineers to be able to grow through successfully providing the highest customer value
  • Built systems architecture and automated internal operations to facilitate production of our own financial technology SaaS products
  • Launched a loan brokerage platform and served over 21M loan applications to partner lenders

Founders First CTO | San Diego, CA | 2021

  • Hired, trained, and managed a small, highly talented technical team
  • Identified, negotiated, contracted, and managed projects with external vendors and consultants
  • Automated financial documentation gathering, improving underwriting experience for the Revenue Based Investment teams
  • Helped marketing department conversion rate increase 80% within first 2 weeks

Hotels for Hope / QuintRoomsCTO | Austin, TX | 2018-2021

  • Hired, trained, and managed internal & external teams of engineers and marketing employees
  • Resolved operations bottlenecks, reducing time-to-deliver by 99%
  • Decreased page load time by 70%
  • Increased conversion rates by 100%
  • Led creation of new product including direction on customer journey, onboarding workflows, continued operational account management, and technical implementation.

ResBeat Dir of Tech | Austin, TX | 2016-2018

  • Worked with stakeholders to understand the user, scope the project, hire and manage the team, and build the flagship product.
  • Led a remote engineering team in agile development
  • Shipped the company's first hospitality brokerage engine

CloudBeds Sr. Software Eng | San Diego, CA | 2014-2016

  • Executed on development projects bringing in $1M in revenue in 6 months
  • Solely responsible for strategic partnership execution via discovery sessions, customer journey walk-thrus, prototyping, etc.
  • Hand-picked highly qualified team of engineers and managed the build through an agile project lifecycle
  • Cultivated and onboarded travel and hospitality industry strategic partners

Western Washington University - Bachelor of Arts

Major: Business
Minor: Management Information Systems

Volunteer Service

Business Advocate and Technologist
San Diego Microfinance Alliance

I assisted with technology choices, integration, and usage training. I also helped promote the San Diego Microfinance Summit each year and gave feedback to the Alliance related to the San Diego business community and it's involvement (current or potential) in the Summit, the Alliance, and general micro-lending thoughts.

Board Member
Giving Anonymously

Giving Anonymously was a nonprofit organization facilitating generosity between people. Their goal is to enable and encourage you to be your own charity, and for you to give anonymously to those around you in need.

I participated in, advised and discussed organizational and operational topics during board meetings, reviews, emails and calls throughout the year.

Loan Finance Committee Member
International Rescue Committee

Collaboration, deliberation and decision making in regards to particular loan applications which meet minimum requirements and are brought to the loan committee for consideration. The loan committee members review and discuss the loan application to decide whether or not to approve the application.

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