Who is Nate Ritter?

firefox Nate Ritter is a web developer by trade, but a business guy by night. He creates new businesses and community websites, uses the internet to market them and then sometimes sells them.

Nate currently resides in sunny San Diego, California, USA and is looking forward to the day he moves to the French Riviera (permanently this time).

He blogs at http://blog.perfectspace.com.

He and his wife write about their travels at http://travel.perfectspace.com.

His resume can be found at http://nate.perfectspace.com.

You can read more about him at http://blog.perfectspace.com/about.

You can view his abbreviated portfolio at http://blog.perfectspace.com/portfolio.

You can contact him at http://blog.perfectspace.com/contact.

What does he do?


  1. Giving Anonymously
  2. Blog
  3. Travel blog
  4. Tumblr
  5. Twitter
  6. LinkedIn
  7. Facebook Fan Page
  8. Facebook profile
  9. ConSource.us (construction contractor job leads)
  10. 50photos.com (short-run rare photo coffee table books highlighting particular themes)
  11. Flash-mob app (built for the iPhone @ iPhoneDevCamp)
  12. Gigul8r.com - quickly promote your gigs (built for MashupCamp 3)
  13. Popularize.net (an affiliate testing ground)
  14. Amazon Affiliate TinyURL Link Creator (script which takes your amazon affiliate id and hides it behind a tiny url)
  15. Packet Loss (custom-made geeky t-shirts)
  16. San Diego Church (website for our church, since merged with Existence Church)
  17. Best route scenario
  18. ClubStumbler.com (figures out what order you should go to clubs)
  19. Political news aggregator
  20. @missingchildren (twitter bot that shows missing children around the nation)
  21. iPhone Wallpaper (experiment with Flickr and the Creative Commons license)
  22. TinyGeocoder.com (A very fast geo-coding service, including reverse/address geo-coding)
  23. TinyGPS.org (a url shortener for locations)
  24. CrisisWire.com (an aggregator of all types of media, including traditional, government, and citizen journalists, for the purpose of gathering and dissemination of information during crises)
  25. Tech Deals (another affiliate marketing attempt)