Things I’ve made to help others be awesome.

I’ve worked on tons of projects over the years but these are the ones I’m most proud of, even if they’re not perfect or not even alive anymore.

  • Tiny Geocoder

    A tiny, fast, geocoder which translates addresses to/from latitude/longitude, scaled up to 2M queries/mo.


  • Ping Bid

    A high performance, DIY, customizable 2-sided network for loan applications, scaled up to 100k loans/day.


  • Perfect Space

    A 7-figure, 3-person, 10-contractor, web development agency built and run for 10 years in San Diego, California.


  • Room Steals

    A travel tech SaaS which brought wholesale hotel rates to everyone. 600k+ hotels, 100+ countries.


  • Starlink Sonar

    A SaaS utility helping mobile RVers and boaters get the best Starlink coverage for their location.


  • Benevolence Fund

    A localized platform helping people in need find and receive financial, emotional, and physical assistance.


“Nate helped me navigate to essential business decisions during a time I had no clue what to do and what next steps to take. Through his help I was able to 10x my revenue (& profit!) in a matter of weeks.”

Julien de Bats
Julien de Bats
Founder and CEO, Digital Envision