Nate Ritter

# 👋 Hi there, nice to meet you.

I'm Nate Ritter and I use internet tech to help people be awesome, turning visions into reality. Feel free to get in touch at one of these places below or read some articles.

# Looking for a bit more?

# What I've done

I've been a tech executive and entrepreneur for most of my career, consulting for companies like Activision Blizzard (opens new window), Microsoft (opens new window), and Land Rover (opens new window), or building and running my own companies like Perfect Space (opens new window) and Room Steals (opens new window).

# When I'm not doing that

When I'm not consulting or building my own companies, I help others like Founders First (opens new window), (opens new window) and Hotels for Hope (opens new window) build teams, execute visions, and scale to be able to exit successfully through acquisition.

# Non-work stuff

Outside of work, I write about my experiences, armchair philosophy, principles, and decisions and enjoy traveling the world with my family while documenting it all on YouTube (opens new window).

# Hashtags

I've done some public speaking and appeared in publications like Wall Street Journal (opens new window), Wired Magazine (opens new window), and Fast Company (opens new window) among others. The majority of the periodicals or books I've appeared in have been because of my experience in October 2007, popularizing the hashtag during the San Diego California wildfires.

# Quid Pro Quo

Now you know a bit more about me. But what about you?

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Nate Ritter

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