Afraid of doing this startup thing wrong?

Join the guided mastermind - Founder Labs - designed for startup founders

What is a "guided mastermind"?

The Founder Labs mastermind is for startup founders looking for guidance and support from a both peers and experts. It is designed to help you avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes that can cost you time and money.

A "guided mastermind" includes expert guidance in addition to the peer discussions you will find in a traditional mastermind.

What type of members are in the mastermind?

Mostly bootstrapped, SaaS founders. There are a couple other types, but this is who is best served.

You will be surrounded by founders who are facing similar challenges and can provide the most relevant feedback and support.

What can you help me with?

We cover topics which are essential to building a successful digital product, including:

  • finding your ideal customer
  • testing & optimizing distribution channels
  • getting to product-market-fit
  • mental models behind quick testing: why & how
  • discovering and testing your riskiest assumptions
  • "time to aha!" and other key metrics to success, post-PMF
  • how to interview customers to get what you need
  • who to trust for research, building, branding, design, etc.
  • and more...

What is the format?

We meet 2x/month for 1 hour. We discuss individual founder or group challenges.

Between sessions we focus on accountability and rapid testing, iteration, and sharing learnings in Slack.

What does it cost?

$495 USD / year

Highly-vetted, designed to stay small

Current capacity: 25 members

I have been part of large communities and there are a lot of great things about them.

The thing is... it's very easy to lose the closeness to the community as it grows.

I have designed this community stay small. That allows me to invest more of my time in fewer people and gives me the time and space to continue building my own business.

New members will be vetted and hand-selected on a rolling basis. If you are a founder, indie hacker, solopreneur or aspiring founder, I invite you to apply!